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Access to Autolya.com implies full acceptance of our conditions described below:
*) Protection of Personal Data (Protection of the laws of privacy) :
*)Protection of Personal Data (Protection of the laws of privacy) : The personal data collected by Autolya.com remain the absolute property of the Company and in no case can be disclosed when transmitted to our partners where third parties. Any person may also disable his account and withdraw www.autolya.com information via our website, and open it again if she wants.
All required information is strictly confidential and secured by a high-tech system to ensure that your information is encrypted to be transmitted securely over the Internet. They remain the absolute property of Autolya.com, they will not be sold, exchanged or transferred to third parties. However, Autolya.com is in perfect agreement with the national laws. And in accordance with applicable national law, Autolya.com may exercise his right of access to the file and the account, and the right to rectify, delete information about themselves or simply refuse to open an account.

Protection of financial data:

Autolya.com has no access to your financial details. Only your payment operators (Epay.dz, bank card, Visa, Master Card, EpayPal ...) have access to this information. These are regulated payment institutions and they will protect your data and your interests.

role of Autolya.com

The role of Autolya.com is able to approach both parties (seller, buyer) to conduct a commercial transaction via our website www.autolya.com. Autolya.com is never party to a commercial transaction between the seller and the buyer. Autolya.com acts solely as an intermediary of an agreement indenture agreed on a transaction between the buyer and the seller. The seller and the buyer are solely responsible for their transactions. If agreement on a commercial transaction took place via Autolya.com, said the agreement commits both the buyer and the seller. The buyer is obliged to pay the agreed amount and the seller is obliged to deliver the material in question (vehicle, car, truck, bus, motorcycle ...) in the condition described on which the transaction was concluded.

Limitation of Liability :

Autolya.com is in no event be liable vis-à-vis the material sold or payment, or what happens between the two paries stakeholders on the status of the transaction where their behavior or incorrect information character or insults which are available on our website. Autolya.com is not responsible for information provided by the seller that the buyer of the vehicles and equipment sold or purchased, or the payments or the delivery or not the equipment sold or purchased. Autolya.com is not also responsible for the solvency of buyers or sellers honesty. Autolya.com can not be held responsible in any case where direct indirect malfunctions of any kind, hardware, payment, damages of any kind arising from or related to any errors or omissions relating to Autolya.com, visible screws for hidden screws and hardware that follows the technical inaccuracies of the product, also Autolya.com excludes any form of warranty. Autolya.com will not be held responsible for any financial or commercial loss, of any harm to reputation, or any direct or indirect damages arising out of your use of our site www.autolya.com. The seller and the buyer stated that the transaction is purely between the two parties ie between the seller and the buyer, and any Autolya.com are involved, they also state that the transaction is their business, and waive (buyer, seller) to any legal action against Autolya.com. So Autolya.com also can not be held responsible in case of force majeure, including situations in which Autolya.com has no control.

Autolya.com reserves the right to modify its conditions. We therefore recommend the seller and the buyer to check and make sure before any payment or delivery of the equipment the creditworthiness of the buyer, the conformity of equipment and documents, bank checks compliance, compliance notes bank, the general condition of the equipment or vehicle as described in the auction, the mechanical, electrical, engine, body, brake ... Autolya.com disclaims all liability for misuse unauthorized or unlawful.

Registration requirements :

Any user accessing this site must be over the age of 18 years old and most in his country of residence. Autolya.com reserves the right to suspend / or delete the user if the user behavior is not consistent with the rules of Autolya. Understand and laws of the country. The user of this website agrees that the content does not violate any law and respects the rules and laws in force. I registration is refused to anyone giving false information or to induce their recipient error. It is also forbidden to make insults. Autolya.com reserves the right to deny access to users without further explanation or to other special conditions for the approval of a user. Autolya.com reserves the right to change its conditions at any time. It is forbidden to include material in general and in particular vehicles on behalf of third parties, unless they have for this purpose a valid authorization (power of attorney).

Instructions and best bidder :

The user at the end of the auction has placed the highest bid on the product chosen is the winner of this auction. In case the offer is contested or is not accepted by the participants concerned, a new bid will be reopened for a period equivalent to the initial period. Autolya.com reserves the right to cancel or reschedule auction without notice.


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